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Natural Language Processing with Postgres - EventMy

EventMy offers a variety of features at this point - event creation & tracking, free API access, programmatically scheduling tweets to name the big ones. I felt the platform would not offer a truly personalized, unique, and valuable service to users without first improving our search capabilities and adding keyword search to that list. Not only that, but I’d use the keyword searching with user tags to provide personalized event recommendations. I looked at a number of potential solutions before finding that Postgres’s natural language processing capabilities would provide the functionality I needed to implement this.

Inside Event Personalization at EventMy

Personalized event recommendations is a somewhat general phrase and I’d like to take some time to lift the veil and go into just what that means at EventMy. We aim to provide the best event discovery experience possible at EventMy, and key to that aim is giving users the most relevant results while minimizing the effort expended on their part. Personalized event recommendations are therefore core to our vision for EventMy and something we’ll always be looking to improve. The interface is designed as a calendar so users can easily filter events by the date(s) they are most interested in. Similarly, we want to prioritize local results; the closer an event is to a user the better. We also do more advanced event personalization in search results and offering event recommendations to users (e.g. weekly event emails).

EventMy Is Growing

EventMy has moved to the golden land of startups, networking, and tech events… that’s right, Boston. We’ll still be active in Southern Minnesota through @MankatoHub, and are working on launching new pages focusing on different regions and interests.

This July we started working with students living in Boston. I am very happy to welcome several new interns to the team. Our new team members are helping out with marketing, UI/UX design, social media, and engineering.

EventMy API Demo

The EventMy API is now live! We have Swagger set up to help you experiment with the API. If you're interested in trying out the API, contact me with the email you used to sign up for EventMy and I'll get you access. EventMy.

You can also see the JavaScript code I'm using for the demo.

Check out the demo

I18n Internationalization in Rails

  • Configuring i18n
  • yml file structure
  • using i18n in #show actions
  • Locale routing in Rails
  • Recently I created the website Wanderreitten with Rails and I18n localization. I found myself frequently visiting StackOverflow in learning to use I18n, and will now share some lessons I learned in the process. The Wanderritt application itself is fairly simple, with no database or models and only three controllers (including ApplicationController).

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    EventMy: Your Platform to Share and Discover Events

    We live in beautiful cities that are bursting with culture, celebrations and activities. There is something exciting happening practically every day. From theater to festivals, there are things for everyone to enjoy. However, unfortunately most of the times we miss out on great events, activities and gigs in the city just because we were unaware of it.

    Luckily, to address this very same problem, there is a new web app in town called EventMy. It is a personalized events aggregation calendar. In other words, EventMy takes events from different sources and pools them together for users to discover, track, and share with others. This app is a free platform for you to share and discover events near you based on your interests.

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    Tomato Sauce

    Manly Tomato Sauce

    Happy Father's Day!

    Healthy enough to cure most common ailments with one serving and composed entirely of ingredients my father is exuberant over, this tomato sauce is for men. In fact, the final taste is so overpowering that anyone else who tries the sauce will undoubtably grimace and immediately reach for the nearest bottle of vodka or Ouzo to chase it with. Ouzo is the recommended drink to accompany your meal; hopefully you will have some on hand.

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    Game Development

    When I was about 5 ? years old I designed a board game. I don't think it was actually finished to the point of being playable, but the game had various cards and a game board that the players would move across. Naturally the materials were basic, but I understood back then that you had to start somewhere and progress one piece at a time. The same concept holds for making video games: features and mechanics are added one part at a time.

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    Introducing Comments & Fruit Wars

    On to the fun stuff: I made a game! It's free, open source, cartoony, and has some annoying sound effects. Supported browsers include Chrome and Firefox. You can play the game at and view the source code at I am interested in doing some more game development in the future, and making Fruit Wars has been a fun first step. My future plans for the game focus on adding more strategy, eventually making the game play more like a true tower defense game. To do so, I will need to level up my Javascript more first. For the rest of the program however I'll be focusing on my other Breakable Toy.

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    Test Driven Development

    Through another week of coding. Doesn't make any difference however, seeing as I'm still at it on the weekend. I've started work on two of my breakable toys - that is, building the foundation for the design. The other projects I've decided to put on the shelf whilst in Launch. Afterall, the two breakable toys I'll be building, I could spend an endless amount of time adding features for either of them. I will also be giving a talk on SEO tomorrow, and should probably spend some more time today preparing for that. On to the more technical stuff...

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    Programming Updates - Sinatra & Other Projects

    I've just finished moving my personal website from to This change is due to the fact that this website, while using the same html and css code, is now dynamically generated content using Ruby on Sinatra. Adding new blog posts will soon require only saving and uploading text files which are automatically parsed into html.

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    Launch Academy : Week 1

    We have survived the first week. The other students seem to accept me as one of their own. Sometimes I even work on coding problems with the others. It is a new environment for everyone, and the tons of work we're given is sufficient to divert everyone's attention. Most likely my mustache helps to serve as a distraction - I don't think anyone suspects my true intention is to devour their souls. Soon it will be inevitable.

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    Launch Academy: Reflection on Pre-Work

    Life in Boston

    The last several weeks I've been in Boston has been a great time. Life has been vastly different for me for many reasons: most notably living in the big city, and living with roommates. Being able to easily get from one part of the city to another is fantastic and something that I appreciate after having spent time in suburbs of Minneapolis. I feel living at Krash (url) is the best living experience I've ever had. While the perks are great, in the long run the most important part of living here are the opportunities to make new friends and connections.

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    First Blog Posting

    Happy 2014! I am sorry it's taken so long to share this with you; most of this post was actually written a year ago. Quite a bit has changed since then, though my thoughts on life and keeping a blog have not.

    Why write a blog? I am committing my time to an endeavor which has no direct benefit. I don’t expect to get paid for writing this, nor do I expect a terribly large number of people to see it. However I am a rational person; I wouldn’t engage myself in this if I felt the benefit wasn’t worth the cost (time commitment). I feel I am an economist and statistician at heart; I often like to think of things in terms of economics. If the marginal utility outweighs the marginal cost, the project is a good investment.

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